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Vermeister Merlino Spray Mop Wood Floor Cleaning Kit for Monocoat Finish Floors
Special mop with spray designed specifically for the daily maintenance of wood floors. Kit includes 1 resusable Vermeister spray mop with washable microfibre, and 1 liter of Detergente Neutro. This 4-piece wood floor cleaning kit for monocoat finish includes one mop, one dust mop cover, one wet mop cover and one 1 Liter of Monocoat Natural Soap. Cleans the floor and retains the natural matte finish. To preserve the matte appearance, we recommend vacuuming the floor, using a soft brush attachment, during the first three weeks after the Monocoat Oil has been applied. After three weeks the floor can be cleaned with a mixture of water and Monocoat Natural Soap.