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VerMeister Aqua Tenax - High Build Sealer VerMeister Flame - Toning Sealer
Aqua Tenax is a two-component waterborne NMP-Free sealer with a very low content of VOC (volatile organic compounds). It features a high level insulating capacity, excellent coverage, good sandability, and ease of application. It minimizes problems of overlapping. Aqua Tenax gives a pleasant tone to the wood without causing unwanted changes to the colour, especially on those woods with a high content of tannin and other water soluble colour substances (oak, teak...). For this reason, it is recommended particularly for difficult woods when browning or reddening would be undesirable. Thanks to its high solid content, Aqua Tenax can be used with two-component finishes from Vermeister's "100% Aqua" range for carrying out a two coat finishing cycle. Flame by Vermeister is a two-component, NMP-free, waterborne sealer with toning effect. Based on the latest generation of resins, Flame enhances the tone of the wood in almost exactly the same way as traditional solvent based sealers. Contrary to previous sealers, this product does not lead to yellowing or ambering over time. This outstanding characteristic of Flame has been achieved while still maintaining other very important features such as resistance to overlapping, good coverage, ease of application and excellent sandability. Thanks to its high solid content, Flame can be used with two-component finishes of Vermeister's 100% Aqua range for carrying out a two-coat finishing cycle.