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Vermeister Upgrade Vermeister Velvet Improver VerMeister Soluzione
Vermeister Upgrade - Custom Color Adjuster for final finished floor color.

Use Velvet improver with Velvet floor finish when maximum durability is desired. Vermeister Soluzione is a mixture of coalescents with graduated evaporation to be added to waterborne products to increase their open time and improve workability. Recommended especially for hotter periods of the year and for making more demanding jobs easier to carry out.
VerMeister Aqua Play 1 Vermeister Silk - Polyurethane Finish - Single Component VerMeister Aqua Tenax - High Build Sealer
Vermeister Aqua Play 1 is a single component waterborne finish that is available in satin gloss (30 gloss) and Semi gloss (60 gloss). Formulated with aliphatic polyurethane resins based on fatty acids (renewable raw materials) and acrylic resins with S-XL technology. AquaPlay 1 features ease of application with excellent flow which leads to floors with an impeccable appearance. Thanks to the S-XL technology, AquaPlay 1 has good resistance to abrasion, scratching, scuff marks, as well as chemical resistance equal to two component systems. If it is also used as a primer, it confers a particularly warm tone to wood. Single component polyurethane waterborne finish featuring exceptional resistance to abrasion and to scuff marks which makes it ideal for use in every situation. From the point of view of appearance, it differs from traditional waterborne products due to its considerable transparency, for the cleanliness of the film and above all for the warm tone that it confers on the wood, avoiding the “whitening” typical of other waterborne finishes. Available in satin, semi, and gloss finish. 1 Gallon. Aqua Tenax is a two-component waterborne NMP-Free sealer with a very low content of VOC (volatile organic compounds). It features a high level insulating capacity, excellent coverage, good sandability, and ease of application. It minimizes problems of overlapping. Aqua Tenax gives a pleasant tone to the wood without causing unwanted changes to the colour, especially on those woods with a high content of tannin and other water soluble colour substances (oak, teak...). For this reason, it is recommended particularly for difficult woods when browning or reddening would be undesirable. Thanks to its high solid content, Aqua Tenax can be used with two-component finishes from Vermeister's "100% Aqua" range for carrying out a two coat finishing cycle.
VerMeister Aqua Play 2 VerMeister Flame - Toning Sealer Vermeister Zero Deck Water-Oil for Outdoor Use
Vermeister Aqua Play 2 is a two-component (10:1) waterborne polyurethane finish, NWP-free, available in versions 10 gloss and 30 gloss. AquaPlay has been formulated entirely with aliphatic polyurethane resins based on fatty acids (renewable raw materials). AquaPlay 2 features ease of application and an excellent flow which leads to floors with an impeccable appearance. The excellent mechanical resistance (to abrasion, scratching, and scuff marks), as well as the chemical resistance, enable the product to be used in all those situations where a high quality finish is required. If it is also used as a primer, it confers a particularly warm tone to the wood. Flame by Vermeister is a two-component, NMP-free, waterborne sealer with toning effect. Based on the latest generation of resins, Flame enhances the tone of the wood in almost exactly the same way as traditional solvent based sealers. Contrary to previous sealers, this product does not lead to yellowing or ambering over time. This outstanding characteristic of Flame has been achieved while still maintaining other very important features such as resistance to overlapping, good coverage, ease of application and excellent sandability. Thanks to its high solid content, Flame can be used with two-component finishes of Vermeister's 100% Aqua range for carrying out a two-coat finishing cycle. High performance impregnating water-oil formulated specifically for outdoor use. ZERO DECK not only brings out the smoothness but also brightens the tone of the wood. Free of heavy metal hardeners, it does not give rise to phenomena of self-combustion like traditional oils. Although its VOC values are insignificant, ZERO DECK is a product for outdoor use and, therefore, EC1 classification is not provided for.
Vermeister Zero VOC Wood Floor Finish VerMeister Idro 2k Vermeister Velvet Wood Floor Finish
Create a beautiful and durable wood floor finish without harmful chemicals. ZERO VOC is a completely solvent-free water based aliphatic polyurethane finish for wood floors. ZERO VOC can be used as a single component product or as two-component product after adding ZERO VOC BOOST. Produced with partially renewable raw materials. ZERO VOC is ideal for use in the green building sector and when applied directly to the wood it does not alter the shade and gives it a very natural effect. Available in matte finish, satin finish, or semi finish. Vermeister Idro 2K is a two-component polyurethane NMP-free waterborne non-yellowing finish available in matte finish (10 gloss) and satin finish (30 gloss). Floors treated with this finish acquire a natural appearance, uniformity and a cleanliness equal only to the results achieved with oil and wax impregnation cycles. Apart from these characteristics regarding the finish look, Idro 2k also combines qualities of resistance to abrasion and to scuff marks that have never before been provided by waterborne products, so much so that the product is even recommened for "heavy duty" or commercial flooring such as showrooms, shops, etc. Labeled by customers as one of the most user friendly

Vermeister "Velvet" is a extremely transparent, ultra matte, water based finish that can be applied directly to raw wood, over stain or over a sealer. It can also be used over any finish for a recoat. Can be used as a single or two component finish. When used in conjunction with Velvet Improver (purchased separately) Maximum durability can be achieved.