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VerMeister Wood Floor Gap Filler Vermeister Zero Filler
Vermeister Gap Filler is an acrylic sealant in a solvent-free watery dispersion for wood and laminate floors, perfect around skirt boards, thresholds, fireplaces and medallions. With a good degress of elasticity, it can be used to fill parts of expansion joints which, for particular requireents of appearance or due to imperfections in the laying remain "visible" (for example between the perimeter joints and the skirting board or between different rooms where door-sill covers are not used). Thanks to its high level adhesion, it can be used for gluing skirting boards. When dry, gap filler can be sanded and overcoated. Available in colors of Medium Walnut, Dark Walnut, Mahogany (can be used for Red Oak), White Oak, Maple, and White. Solvent-free waterborne binder for preparing fillers to seal wood floors. It is blended with wood flour obtained by sanding with a fine grit sandpaper to create a filler of the same colour as the floor. Ideal for waterborne coating cycles. Zero emissions. Not suitable for Merbau. 1 Gallon.